1. Clearly identify WHY you need this “thing” in your life. How will it benefit you and/or the ones you love? Take a moment and write out your purpose so you have something “real” to take a look at when you need motivation to continue pressing forward.
  2. Set a start date for yourself. Let’s be honest, nothing is real until it has a set date. Once your date is set stick to it.
  3. Thoroughly PREPARE. Nothing is a better excuse to not do something than not having the right tools, resources or know how. After all who can begin morning jogs without $69 specialized moisture wicking runner’s socks…#Dontwastemoney(Preparation ≠ Buy, Buy, Buy, and Buyyy!)
  4.  Don’t over commit yourself. Be realistically proactive so you can maintain the adjustments you make.
  5. Look ahead. Identify what might be the biggest obstacle stopping you from staying on track and tackle that before your start date! You want to clear the road before you jump in the car and take off!
  6. Make no exceptions. Especially in the first 21-Days. Science shows that it takes about 21 days to create a neurological change in behavior, so push yourself thru the first 21 days so you can “get in a groove”.
  7. Share your new goal or lifestyle change with a like minded friend or loved one. Stating our intentions and plans out loud to others increases the likelihood that we will follow thru. Due to our nature of being social species we tend to excel in companion activities. There is a mound of behavioral science research showing humans to be more successful in sports, survival, problem solving, and even life expectancy when we are apart of a permanent (or long lasting) healthy social unit OR well established social group (yes we have a lot in common with apes).
  8. Utilize the immersion technique. Surround yourself with the people, places, things, foods, and environments that put your new goal or lifestyle change right in your face (esp for first 21 days)! Social media comes in pretty handy here!
  9. Schedule your day. Scheduling isn’t for anal, uptight, OCD people; this tip is for SUCCESSFUL people.
  10. Look at any good lifestyle change you choose to make as a positive personal upgrade! Don’t feel inclined to explain your actions to every passer-by-er, your true friends will support positive change in your life, and everyone else is simply a distraction. If we want consistency in our lives we have to except that not everyone is gonna “get it” but we can’t let where they are in their lives stop us from reaching where we want to be.

Girl, Treat Yourself!

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