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Free 30 Minute Health Evaluation

Free 30 Minute Health Evaluation

Malikah’s Favorite Health & Beauty Must-Have’s

Malikah’s Favorite Health & Beauty Must-Have’s

Your Favorite Lifestyle Influencer's  Wellness picks!    It's time for my semi-annual picks of the best healthy lifestyle goodies out there! There are tons of holistic wellness products on the market, but I want to direct my 'Reclaimers' to the best of the best....

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4 Pro-Tips for Sanity on and After Election

I am worried about the people who are freaking out about the election. People are nursing visible, and invisible wounds not yet healed from the wreckage 2020 has laid upon us. It’s been an eventful year. While it’s brought blessings for some people in some aspects of...

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10 Checks to Consistency

10 Checks to Consistency

Clearly identify WHY you need this “thing” in your life. How will it benefit you and/or the ones you love? Take a moment and write out your purpose so you have something “real” to take a look at when you need motivation to continue pressing forward. Set a start date...

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This is one of my best Yoga purchases. This class is very relaxing and Malikah is a great instructor. She is very encouraging and personable. This class is great for beginners such as myself.

— Kendra Y.

I had no idea what to expect with coaching but I got more than I could have imagined from this experience. I love the judgement free support as I try to get my life together. I lost 12 lbs., in 3 months and didn't even focus on my physical body till the last month or so! I finished my program but I still schedule a session once a month because it just helps me stay motivated to keep growing mentally and physically strong.

— Kelley L.

I like the fact that this yoga class is made for women and Malikah is wonderful instructor she leads the class based on what our needs are and not what she wants to do. I always feel revived and empowered when I leave her class. A must for every women.

— Lorraine S.

Malikah's coaching has been life changing, I can't believe I am saying that because it sounds dramatic, but she honestly helped me change the way I live in my mind, how I feel in my body, and how I view life.

— Max J.

Haven't had an anxiety attack in 3 months, that is huge for me! Highly, recommend!

— Kiesha W.

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