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 It’s time for my semi-annual picks of the best healthy lifestyle goodies out there! There are tons of holistic wellness products on the market, but I want to direct my ‘Reclaimers’ to the best of the best. Don’t waste your money and time experimenting. This post only comes out twice a YEAR so I have time to test, and share what I have grown to love! 











Herbs & Tea








To nourish and restore a healthy, even, complexion RUNE is hands down my secret skincare must-have! I don’t trust skincare brands easily. I rather put nothing on my face than a greasy product that sits on my skin, or leaves me dry in the winter. This amazing founder (who is so impressive) created a top notch product line that has a permanent place in my skincare routine.

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Plants are powerful.  I teach some herbal foundations along side a herbalist in my program Reclaiming My Light that you should definetly check out. Herbal infusions/teas are one of those things that are trending in the wellness world so there is a lot to sort thru. Since I make my own blends it is saying a lot that I’ve grown to really appreciate the quality of Lady Rose Teas. 

Grab Lady Rose Tea’s, ‘Movement’ blend!

The Best Detox tea on the market!

More Lifestyle Fave’s…

Holistic Clean Beauty

Vegan foundation, lippies, organic mascara and more…I absolutely love the quality and safe ingredients of the Physicians Formula brand. It’s the only foundation and mascara I feel safe, and beautiful wearing when I choose to be a little fancy and do my makeup. I’m not a MUA, so I don’t require a massive color palate. They have natural hues, and a few bold lip colors that work for me. The small business world has seen a surge of “vegan” natural makeup products, some I enjoyed, and some that didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. Most natural brands have eyeliners, eye shadow or lippies, but I still have to go back to PF for mascara and foundation. I have yet to find a brand with a complete line of makeup essentials that rivals the quality of Physicians formula.

A Cool Vegan, non-toxic, water permeable (halal-compliant) nail polish by More Joy Polish, I love that it has a shiny finish, smooth, rich application, and I can get it off with out toxic nail polish remover! You can peel it off 99% of the time which gets extra points for me.


Candles & Aromatics

Aromatics & Body Butters

I don’t do perfumes, well I didn’t until I found a brand created by a master natural fragrance developer! All of her products are to die for…everything. Literally everything. The body butters have completely changed my skin from the chest down. Every fragrance is rich, natural, and meticulously balanced. The body care formulations are high quality. I had sun spots on my legs from summertime, backyard sun bathing, and they are almost gone! It’s worth every single penny. Butter by Keba, thank you!


Some sources say burning some scented candles release chemicals that can be potentially dangerous to human health. Admittedly, there is only inconclusive evidence that exposure to paraffin (traditional) candle smoke increases your risk of developing health conditions. However, I know for an anecdotal fact that traditional paraffin scented candles give myself and many other headaches. Once I switched to soy candles, and natural fragrances, I have yet to experience headaches from candle burning or fragrant oils. If you are still burning traditional candles other than beeswax or soy, and experience frequent mild headaches you want to consider taking a closer look at what’s in the air in your environments. Candles, aerosols, and artificial fragrant oil can be hidden culprits. Listen out for exciting details from  my favorite candle maker coming soon!  

Good Vibes Playlist

My November 2020 ‘Reclaimer’ Playlist! It features Six 45+ minute yoga practice/meditation tracks that are vibrational, and instrumental masterpieces. It also includes seven songs with undeniable vibes.


There you have it! All my expert picks for your enjoyment. I will update this post in January with my Top 3 New Self-Care Product Reviews! 

It feels so good to share things that are actually a part of my life, and mean something to me. If you have questions, or comments please let me know below! If you haven’t already joined my online sanctuary for yoga, stress management, meditation, fitness, collective health coaching, and VIP access to me as your personal wellness coach, be sure to click here to Reclaim Your Light.   

Peace, Ma Salaam, and Namaste Beauties…

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