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Do you need help figuring out how to Reclaim your Lightness of Mind and Body?

If you’re holding on to extra weight or mental gloom and want to Reclaim your Light I have the unique combination of expertise in Yoga/Stress Management AND Health Coaching you need, and won’t find in any other basic health coaching program.

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Online Wellness Coaching

Reclaiming My Light is a 6-week — no-guessing needed, done-for-you, easy to follow Nutrition, Yoga, and lifestyle management coaching Program — these exact methods have given many, many women EXACTLY what you are looking for.

 Lightness of Mind & Happiness
 More Energy & Better Sleep
 Clear Purpose and Goal Orientation
 More Organization and Productivity
 Better Digestion
 Mindful Lifestyle Habits
 Sisterhood & Support

What you do next will show if you are REALLY READY for change.

I am sharing the most highly effective coaching processes that get results every time with my 1-on-1 coaching clients that invest +$1000 in coaching with me to reach their goals and enjoy a lifetime of priceless mental and physical well-being. You can spend hours seeking, googling, guessing, and stressing about what works and how to reach their goals.

OR…you can join my Reclaiming My Light Program, and succeed!

Early-bird Special for $199 till 2/16/19.
$1682 Value for ONLY $225 reg.

Winter 2019 Reclaim My Light Program cycle Begins 2/18/19 Early Bird Registration $199. Deadline to register for winter 2019 cycle is 2/18/19 at 11am est.

Are you going to finally work on your goals or keep letting time slip away?

I have personally helped many women Reclaim their Light with the exact process and journey I laid out in this program!  I am sOooo over watching women neglect themselves, but for change to occur all that matters is if YOU are ‘over’ neglecting yourself? You have to be uncomfortable enough where you are to truly walk toward lifelong change.

You will always bust your butt giving your best to everyone and everything. When will your effort come full circle back to you, and your needs? You deserve to feel strong, energized, healthy, mentally present and fulfilled in your life.

If you aren’t ready to invest the cost of one single grocery store shopping trip into lifelong change in your health and well-being, you probably WANT change but aren’t truly READY for change and that is ok. Come back when you are ready to get your mind and body together sis, me and the PURE Boss Lady Community will be here waiting for you God-willing. I know you work hard as hell serving your family and community thru your visible and INvisible labor, but don’t forget you are undoubtedly worth the time and effort to look and feel the way you desire. Sign-up now if you are READY to RECLAIM YOUR LIGHT!

Program Includes:

6-weeks of modular self-paced content

Cleansing & Sugar Detox Meal-Plan/Recipes
($99 Value)

Nutritarian Meal-Plan/Recipes
($99 Value)

Shopping Lists

Short & Sweet Nutritional Mythbusters

Weekly Yoga Videos
($240 Value)

3 Full Fitness Routines
($120 Value)

3 Mini Fitness Routines
($75 Value)

Intro to Meditation
($50 Value)

Weight-loss Happiness-gained Tracker

Time management Training
($50 Value)

‘Mental Agility’ Mindset Workbook
($199 Value)

Exclusive Wellness Coaching Videos to walk you thru the Journey
($450 Value)

Reclaiming My Light (RML) Private Facebook Group with weekly Q&A with Me ($300 Value) + Buddy System Support and Motivation

Reclaim My Light Program

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