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Let Me Create Your Perfect Wellness Strategy!

Let Me Create Your Perfect Wellness Strategy!

3-Month Wellness Coaching

These Coaching sessions are intended to empower women with the mindset, resources, meal-plans, yoga/fitness, meditation, motivation, and action plans they need to bring their goals to fruition and flourish in a balanced, happy, and healthy life.

This program includes:

Two 60 minute coaching sessions per month in person or via Video Chat.
Customized coaching material for your unique needs and circumstances
Access to PURE Boss Lady FB Community with free Mind + Body wellness tips, inspiration, support, and LIVE group coaching sessions!
Alternate week email follow-ups and tons of accountability, and support.
Limited time offer $150/mo Reg. $199/mo

Corporate Yoga Program

Increase Productivity at your workplace with a simple wellness initiative like Yoga at Lunch for stress management, creativity, and enhanced focus of co-workers and employees. Learn Why Other Companies Sign On

5 Facts That Make Companies Say YES to Corporate WELLNESS PROGRAMS

Medical costs decrease approximately $3.27 for each dollar a business spent on wellness programs (2013 Aflac Workforces Report).
Companies that implemented a wellness program experienced a 28% reduction in employees calling in sick (Institute for Healthcare Consumerism™)
The American Psychological Association’s (APA) Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award recipients boasted an average turnover rate of 6% in 2012, as opposed to the 38% national average.
By 2030, half of all American adults in the U.S. are expected to be obese and suffer from obesity related illnesses.
Employees who exercise as little as once a week incur health costs 1/2 to 1/3 lower than those who don’t. (Sales and Marketing Management)

Private Yoga/Meditation Online Session

1-on-1 personalized yoga session to address personal needs and achieve physical agility, strength, relief, and ease.

$25-50 / Session

Virtual Group Yoga Class

Check our Events page for pop-up class times!

$5 / Class Single drop-in

Speaking/Workshop Presentations

Want Malikah to present at your event?


This is one of my best Yoga purchases. This class is very relaxing and Malikah is a great instructor. She is very encouraging and personable. This class is great for beginners such as myself.

— Kendra Y.

I had no idea what to expect with coaching but I got more than I could have imagined from this experience. I love the judgement free support as I try to get my life together. I lost 12 lbs., in 3 months and didn't even focus on my physical body till the last month or so! I finished my program but I still schedule a session once a month because it just helps me stay motivated to keep growing mentally and physically strong.

— Kelley L.

I like the fact that this yoga class is made for women and Malikah is wonderful instructor she leads the class based on what our needs are and not what she wants to do. I always feel revived and empowered when I leave her class. A must for every women.

— Lorraine S.

Malikah's coaching has been life changing, I can't believe I am saying that because it sounds dramatic, but she honestly helped me change the way I live in my mind, how I feel in my body, and how I view life.

— Max J.

Haven't had an anxiety attack in 3 months, that is huge for me! Highly, recommend!

— Kiesha W.

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